Violation of rules and guidelines are grounds for immediate removal from RGV POKEFEST without refund!

General Rules

Treat the RGV POKEFEST Staff, Guests and all Attendees with respect. Wristbands and badges must be worn visibly at all times.
Wristbands and badges must be purchased in order to gain entry into RGV POKEFEST. RGV POKEFEST staff, Guests and Attendees may not be in possession of any item defined as a weapon.

Usage or possession of illegal drugs or substance is strictly forbidden.

RGV POKEFEST staff, Guests and Attendees may not bring any animals onto the premises, with the exception of licensed Service Animals If you are not sure about general rules, please find an RGV POKEFEST Staff for assistance.

Weapons Policy

Check with the Security at RGV POKEFEST regarding any question about weapons policies.
Live weapons of any sort are not allowed.
All weapons must be inspected by a member of RGV POKEFEST security staff and tagged prior to entry.

Weapons for Cosplay purposes will be allowed and must be non-firing.

Weapons that do not pass RGV POKEFEST security inspection will not be allowed to enter the event


Event Lines

• Respect others and do not cut in line.
• Follow directions given by RGV POKEFEST Staff during any event line.
• Keep lines moving in an orderly conduct.


Costumes and Cosplay is encouraged at RGV POKEFEST Costumes must be in good judgment – Keep it respectful. Must be clothed at all times No see through material over questionable body parts – Keep it covered

Keep in mind – children will be present