Our Promise

As part of the Pokefest organization  committee we have taken an oath to maximize the entertainment, as well as safety for all of our Vendors, Staff but must importantly you, our attendees.

We take this oath to Protect and Entertain very seriously, and we are constantly looking to implement procedures to ensure that we all have a Great Time, while being Safe at our Festival.

1. Continue to Improve the Festival

We Promise to continue to improve the event year after year: Continuing to add to the fun and excitement.  We promise to always look for new and innovative ways to make Poke fest a bigger and more fun event for the entire family!

2. Keep the event Safe

Safety is our number one priority, if we appear on the news, we want to make sure that it is because of how successful the event was, not because of any incidents.

3. Keep the event Affordable

We understand the every dollar counts! Because of this we promise to keep the event affordable.

Lets be Safe and get ready for another great Pokefest Event!

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Thank you for supporting us in all that we do and as always, we do want to hear from you! If you have any recommendations/suggestions please feel free to fill out the form below and we will read them and implement them as we see fit! Now lets get ready for another great POKEFEST!