2017 Cosplay Judges

A special Thank you goes out to all of the judges of our Cosplay Contest. Get to know our judges! All of our judges know what it takes to make a cosplay design work! They themselves have spent hours on their designs and know all the sweat and sacrifice it takes to look great and compete at the highest levels. For this reason they have been asked to help us be the judges of our cosplay competition for this years event! Don’t forget to thank them for their opinions and take a photo with them!

Amanda Russell

Amanda Russell has been active in the RGV anime community since 2005. Shimakon, the Rio Grande Valley’s first anime convention, was her introduction to the anime convention lifestyle. Shimakon only lasted 2 years, but it has influenced so many of the conventions in our area today. She’s volunteered, organized and ran various cosplay contests, panels and events for multiple conventions for the past 12 years. Her love for Pokémon started when she received a copy of Pokémon Platinum as a birthday present and has been hooked ever since. Fairy Type Pokémon are her favorite, especially Azumarill.

Currently, she is an Associate Workshop Manager for Build a Bear Workshop in Brownsville, TX.

Thomas Dimmick

Thomas Dimmick, cosplayer and hobbiest came upon the community at Realmscon 2007. Currently having over 20 different cosplays under his belt, and growing, Thomas’ main goal in cosplay is diversity. Constantly delving into different techniques of craftsmanship with cosplay, he strives to develop his all around expertise. He got into the hobby in order to make the character leap off the page and into real life, by not only striving to look like the character, but also carry himself like the character. Thomas attributes his interest in cosplay to his childhood where his first memories of dressing up came from wearing his grandfather’s shirts around his neck and leaping off the couch like Batman and robin. Looking forward to the future there is not going to be any stopping him. With multiple cosplays being planned and considered, he considers there to be enough content to last for years to come.

Joie Laney

Joie Laney is a cosplayer from the RGV who has been cosplaying for 6 years. After obtaining her degree in theatre arts, she moved back to the valley and was given the opportunity to take charge of what would become South Texas’s largest cosplay group, RGV Cosplay Syndicate. She has won multiple cosplay awards with the group and now hosts panels at conventions all over Texas.

Alysha Garza

Hello! My name is Alysha and I’ve been cosplaying for 7 years. Through the craft of cosplay, I’ve made incredible friends and made all kinds of different cosplays.

If you would like to see more of my work, you can check out my Facebook page at @countessesofcamorra or my instagram @lady_alucard

A.L.P. Photography.

Pete Ortega

Mcallen tx
Cosplaying 7 1/2 years
Armor builder

Cosplay for Fun. I’ve been asked why I cosplay many times…and my answer is my sister before passing told me “if you do this do it for the right reasons. And bring smiles to many children.”